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Definition and purpose of Marquee Hire Services

Marquee hire services are businesses that provide temporary structures for events such as weddings, corporate events, festivals, and private parties. The structures may include tents, canopies, pagodas, and yurts. The purpose of marquee hire services is to offer a flexible and customizable event space that can be set up in any location, whether it is a garden, park or field. Marquees provide a weatherproof space for events giving clients peace of mind that their event will not be ruined by unpredictable UK weather.

Types of marquee structures available for hire

Marquee hire companies offer different types of structures to suit different events and tastes. The most common types of marquees include traditional pole tents, frame tents, clear span marquees, stretch tents, tipis, and pagodas. Pole tents are supported by center poles and guy ropes and are ideal for garden parties and traditional events. Frame tents have a metal frame for support and are great for events on hard surfaces where stakes cannot be driven into the ground. Clear span marquees have a clear roof and no interior poles, giving a more modern look. Stretch tents are flexible and can be set up in different shapes and sizes. Tipis and yurts create a unique and rustic atmosphere, ideal for outdoor weddings and festivals.

Event planning and management services offered by marquee hire companies

Marquee hire companies often provide other services besides supplying marquees. These services include event planning and management, furniture and equipment rental, catering, and entertainment. Some companies may also offer lighting and decor services to ensure the marquee looks stunning at night. With years of experience, marquee hire companies can offer valuable advice and guidance on event planning, ensuring that every aspect of the day is taken care of.

Pricing and payment options for marquee hire services

The cost of marquee hire varies depending on the type and size of the marquee, the location, and the duration of the hire. Most marquee hire companies offer a free site survey to assess the location and provide an accurate quote. Payment options typically include a deposit to secure the booking and full payment before the event. Some companies may offer payment plans to spread the cost over time.

Safety and insurance considerations for marquee hire events

Marquee hire companies have a duty of care to ensure that their structures are safe for use. They should have public liability insurance, which covers them for any accidental damage to the venue, guests or staff. Clients should check that the company has adequate insurance and that they follow safety guidelines, such as securing the marquee to the ground, ensuring it can withstand high winds, and providing fire extinguishers and emergency exits.

Customer testimonials and recommendations for marquee hire companies

Before hiring a marquee hire company, clients should check their reviews and testimonials to ensure they are reputable and reliable. Companies with positive customer feedback and recommendations are likely to provide better service and quality of products. Clients can also ask for references and photos of previous events to see how the company's marquees look in different settings.

Additional services offered by some marquee hire companies, such as lighting and decor

Marquee hire companies may offer additional services, such as lighting and decor, to enhance the ambiance of the event. Lighting options can include chandeliers, fairy lights, uplighters, and LED furniture. Decor options can range from chair covers and table linen to bespoke flower arrangements and backdrops. These additional services can transform a plain marquee into a luxurious and elegant event space.

Environmental considerations and sustainability practices in marquee hire services

Many marquee hire companies are adopting sustainable practices to reduce their environmental impact. They may use biodegradable and recyclable materials, reduce energy consumption using solar panels, and use low-impact transportation methods. Clients can inquire about the sustainability practices of marquee hire companies and choose those that align with their values.

Legal and regulatory requirements for marquee hire events, including permits and licenses

Marquee hire events may require permits and licenses, depending on the location and the nature of the event. Clients should check with their local council and ensure they have the necessary permissions before hiring a marquee. Marquees may also need to comply with health and safety standards, such as ensuring there is adequate lighting and ventilation, and providing accessible entrances and exits.

Comparison of marquee hire services to other event venue options

Marquee hire services offer a unique and flexible event space that is not available with traditional venues such as hotels and conference centers. Marquees can be set up in any location and can be customized to suit the client's requirements. Marquees also provide a more intimate and personal atmosphere than larger venues. However, clients should consider the additional costs of hiring furniture, equipment, and catering services, as well as the potential risks of bad weather, before choosing a marquee as their event venue.

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